Stratégie numérique

Cyber défense

Communication and information (IT) tools have become the new playground for criminals.

These cyber criminals use innumerable schemes to carry out the commission of their crimes.

Our investigators put their own strategies and solutions on the board to identify these fraudsters by deciphering their operating methods.

The multidisciplinary knowledge of our international professionals is at your disposal for any digital study in terms of defense or counter-offensive.

Depending on your problem, we will proportion our solutions according to your means. The daily cost is thus variable:

• between €300 and €600 per day for a junior consultant;

• between €600 and €1,200 per day for an experienced consultant;

• between €1,200 and €2,400 per day for a very high-level consultant;

• more than €2,000 or even €3,000 per day and per consultant for the most prestigious consulting firms.

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